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Virtually everyone in the civilized world has a need for energy. The way that energy is delivered to a home or business, though, is a terribly important detail. It determines the cost, along with the quality of the services, which is oh so important in many cases. There are many businesses, indeed almost all of them, who need to be able to depend upon the reliability of their energy services. For many businesses, not having energy means not having the ability to make money. This is an unacceptable notion—so companies will often turn to companies with higher quality customer services in the energy industry, even if it means they need to do a little research first. This is how many businesses come to work with Glacial Energy for their energy needs.

Glacial Energy is a highly respected alternative energy provider. It was formed in 2005 by an energy entrepreneur named Gary Mole, who now serves as Chief Executive Officer. Glacial Energy is one of the fastest growing national retail energy marketing companies in the United States. Glacial Energy offers high quality services that stand in stark contrast to the lackluster services offered by public utility providers of energy services.

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